Sunday, August 23, 2009

Legal Studies Exam and Camping Adventure

Well, attended my legal studies trial HSC examination this morning, nothing good to report there as i spent the entire time I should have been studying, lying out in the sun - OOPSE! So, since that is quite a sore subject moving right along.

This weekend looks hopeful with my exciting camping plans YAY! Asked my mother today if it was sweet to go, she reluctantly agreed after finding out that Andrew was going, oh well teens will be teens! Besides I have totally innocent intentions (: such as roasting marshmellows on the fire, taking the dinghy out on the lake and running rampant on his dirt bikes, all of my mates will be going - what an excellent way to end the exam period!

Unfortuneately that again brings up the subject of exams... which means that I must be off as, whaddya know I haev one on Wednesday! Senior Science, oh joy! In any case give me some love <3