Sunday, August 23, 2009

Legal Studies Exam and Camping Adventure

Well, attended my legal studies trial HSC examination this morning, nothing good to report there as i spent the entire time I should have been studying, lying out in the sun - OOPSE! So, since that is quite a sore subject moving right along.

This weekend looks hopeful with my exciting camping plans YAY! Asked my mother today if it was sweet to go, she reluctantly agreed after finding out that Andrew was going, oh well teens will be teens! Besides I have totally innocent intentions (: such as roasting marshmellows on the fire, taking the dinghy out on the lake and running rampant on his dirt bikes, all of my mates will be going - what an excellent way to end the exam period!

Unfortuneately that again brings up the subject of exams... which means that I must be off as, whaddya know I haev one on Wednesday! Senior Science, oh joy! In any case give me some love <3

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gorgeous Day (:

Good afternoon! Hello (: the weather today is inexplicably gorgeous! Really (: I totally feel the need to jump out of my house onto Manly beach and go for a swim and a bake - proudly supporting skin cancer!!
Instead nope, I'm studying. But no matter, have a great weekend ready and waiting
My wonderful best friend Marissa and myself are going on an epic camping endeavour at our friends house Andrew, he lives on acreage and promised us that we could have a fire and toast marshmellows!!! SWEET, so I am pretty vamped up for that.
Basically the reason why I am writing yet again is because last night I went out to see the new movie 'The Ugly Truth' with my friend Michael. Well needless to say it conformed to the same structure as all romantic comedies, but with one added element - vulgar comedy! I actually really liked this movie despite my known hate for all romance. Gerrard Butler plays an arrogant, egocentric prick who relates too well to most men I have ever met! I find his approach to tabboo subjects to be completely hilarious! I definitly recommend watching this movie.
This is just a random picture that I took... weather has been so great lately that I have been able to even think about going in pools. Anyway I have decided to start sharing some of these coolio pics with you, how nice aee? Glad?

Insane Weather - Insane!

Bright and sunny outside, a call for celebration? Gah, I think not... who could imagine, complaining on a gorgeous 27 degree day? Well, whilst I should be donning my new sexy white bikini on Manly beach, I instead am studying about the role of the nuclear family in Australian history and society's chaning values in relation to this famlial structure over time. Sounds like a blast doesn't it?

Well, gees, I have not really posted a blog in quite some time. A fair bit has changed since then, but not to ramble:
- Broke up with my boyfriend, absolutely loving single life (:
- Found out Mom is pregnant! Yup! A girl, due November 4th, Kyra Belle Blyte
- Presently doing HSC trials
- Presently scoping out university options for next year
- Had an amazing trip to Fiji
- Have had inumerable drunk nights
- Have enshrined my best friend Marissa into my wonderful way with men (:
- Have gotten my red P's
- Have been failing school miserably

That should about cover my activities of late, there of course is a new interest (as there always is for 17 year olds who have particular needs!). This months name is Andrew, lives on large property and is surprisingly smart, not my usual style. In any case things are moving slowly, which is a step up for me, he is a good boy!

But to no avail, I have a particular guy, who I have been friends with since year 8 continiually chasing me, argh well he not give UP! Gees wow rambling much???

Comment me! How are youu?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Death by Chocolate?

I awoke this morning to the miserable patter of rain, my summer has now officially ended, giving way to the cold and freezing dark nights, no more beach, no more half naked boys and most of all no more holidays.

So, my mood if you havn't guessed... is one of total and utter depression, my favorite time of year has been stolen, slaughtered in turn for a far darker fate.
Winter is not the time for fun, the time for maturity, sensible behavior and family. To say the least, my drunken weekends and parties ensuring I do not know where I awake next, have been erased from future records.

Instead, I get to spend, 'precious', 'invaluable' time with the folks, how exciting? Well I guess I still have to focus on my education, and the lack of male and alcoholic distraction may greatly benefit this, but seriously, the outlook is currently bleak. For all of you who are religious, I am in a time of need, pray for me as I embark upon this cold and desolate journey, giving up all that I love in favor for all that is modest, stupid and fucking boring.

In any case, as the fires in Victoria rage on, consuming more and more precious life, my thoughts are with those, all of which have lost loved ones, lives and hope. May we cater them through their time of need, and offer all we have to our fellow Australians.

'We are one, but we are many'. That's the bloody Australia I live for, courage, larikins, fools but mates to the very end, were no life is more important than the bloke sitting next to you, whose name you've forgotten, but laugh is a perpetual memory.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Suddenly Mature?

A day like any other, that is what I was greeted by when I awoke to the painful morning calls my boyfriend has been giving me as of late, in an attempt to encourage me to complete my homework duties.

The rest following was a monotonous blur, the kafuffle of school clothes, zing of the hair straightener then the quick snap into 'awake' as the realization of time nearly swept me off my feet. THE BUS!

So anyway, school was a drag, my friends perpetually making amazing plans, almost all of which are yet to be completed. Today's topic was the prospect of visiting an old and haunted grave site, known only as 'Sarah's Grave'. I'm not exactly sure what this entails, except my plans included way too much alcohol, a lot of the man friend and a morning after like never before.

To no avail, the plans were made, and have yet to be stricken, however, us girls never fail to exempt ourselves from our stupid plans, in favor for other wild unorganized activities. After meeting with the girls and beginning the journey to work I stumbled upon an old friend, who remarked that my demanour had suprised him so vividly that he now believed I was 'mature', but of course still 'hot'.

To satisfy his curiosity as to what had suddenly changed my mischeivous ways, I have decided to invite him to my alcoholic grave yard bash, in order to show him the source of my 'maturity', maybe that might learn him.

However, even I, typical girl by day, vixen by night, realize that there is more to life than alcohol and unplanned, spontaneous and tantalizing sex, there is also the biggest morning after of all, the shock and horror of knowing your forty, look like shit, smell like shit, have no job, a shit-for-brains husband and a truck load of kids. So for those pitying my ignorance and stupidity at such a young age, the consequences have been considered, and that is why I punish myself five days a week at school were my grades are incredible in relation to my efforts.

To the magnificence of my grades, I credit my solid efforts in partying, the only thing I ever attempt realisticly. Suddenly mature? Oh Josh, you have much to learn.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Undeniable, Unassailable and Entirely Devastating Truth

As I sat at my desk, thinking oh so hard about my essay question, my mind has easily wandered into the realm of philosophy. Deciding then to pursue my new object of interest I found the follwing certainly amusing definition;
'Philosophy; A route of many roads leading, from nowhere, to nothing'

So, now I believe that I myself can perfectly empathize with those who wish to ordain themselves philosophers, because it is apparent to me now that, in fact, the difference between philosophy and procrastination is so dissmal that even I can pronounce myself a philosopher.

To no avail, I am proving my newly gained credentials even now, as I increasingly delay my English homework for tomorrow morning. To continue upon this road I have now embarked upon, leading from nowhere to nothing, I have decided to illustrate a few of the affable things I have surrounded myself with as of late.

1. Multitudes of books often keep me from dwelling on my current living situations, as the second mother to far too many children
2. My partialty to violent movies has only been increasing
3. I find that the substance of alcohol at teenage parties is an object of ecstacy and excitement, criticise me for my ignorance all you want
4. My last year of school is going to be my best

I have erected myself a number of goals this year to quell both my childish and also my sensible desires, which I hope to achieve, or at least feign attempt in.
1. I have decided that school work can no longer be denied and portrayed as fiction.
2. I have decided that my work hours must decrease in order to release more precious time
3. I have decided that my boyfriend will only be able to see me twice during the school week and once on the weekend
4. I have decided to limit myself to 10 standard drinks at whatever party I go to, except for my own
5. I have decided that driving at odd hours of the night without parental consent is not an issue
6. Rain is gods confetti

And now that I have publicly accounted myself to my new found truths, one can only hope I abide by them, however, rules would not be in place if they were so frequently broken.